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GAMA project will improve sanitation

he Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project coordinators insist the project has made significant strides in improving sanitation conditions for households despite it narrowing its efforts to the provision of toilets.

Even with the output in the provision of toilets, the project has only managed to provide 900 out of the projected 12,500 toilets.

The $150 million project is being funded by the World Bank to improve the general sanitation in the Greater Accra Metropolitan area.

In an appearance on the Citi Breakfast Show, Kuranchie Adama-Tettey, a Behaviour Change Specialist working on the project argued that the results should determine the effectiveness of the project.

“It [the project] started implementation around 2015 and within that scope, this project is specifically meant to achieve a certain result. It is not for general sanitation as sweeping litter and all that bit it is meant for specific results,” Mr. Adama-Tettey said.

The development objective of the GAMA Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana is to increase access to improved sanitation and improved water supply in the GAMA, with an emphasis on low-income communities, The project also seeks to strengthen the management of environmental sanitation in the GAMA.

Some of the components of the project include the provision of environmental sanitation and water supply services to priority low-income areas of the GAMA, the improvement and expansion of the water distribution network in the GAMA and the planning, improvement and expansion of GAMA-wide environmental sanitation services.

Parts of project were put on hold

Mr. Adama-Tettey stressed that it was important to make sure the project did not impact negatively on the people it is meant to benefit.

“In the course of the implementation of your project, you need to ensure that if there are squatters there, for example, they are properly removed and well compensated. You also need to ensure that if the project is affecting any individual in any way; for example, if a drain is affecting somebody’s fence wall, you need to ensure that that fence wall is taken care of properly.”

“In the course of implementing the project, certain individuals who were in the line of the project were not being taken care of as they should have, in order not to impact negatively, it had to be put on hold so those things could be taken care of before we move forward,” Mr. Adama-Tettey said.


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